OPENINGCall for Blog Editor for Feral Feminisms

Feral Feminisms, an independent, inter-media, peer reviewed, open access online journal, is currently searching for a Blog Editor to join its Editorial Team. The Blog Editor will spend 2-3 hours per week helping launch and coordinate the new Feral Feminisms blog page. They will be responsible for soliciting contributions to the blog page on a regular basis, pairing authored pieces with artwork and images, sending each blog piece out for copyediting, helping to coordinate the visual aspects of the blog, as well as authoring blog pieces on feminist topics of their choice. This position is an excellent opportunity to gain professional experience with a scholarly feminist journal. Previous experience in the feminist blogosphere, or an equivalent combination of scholarly and popular writing, is preferred. An attention to the visual aspects of online presence will be an asset to this position. This is a 1-year position with a possibility for extension. This position comes with an honourarium.

Feral Feminisms is a unique platform for un-taming, queering, and radicalizing feminist thought and practice today. It is committed to creating space for students, scholars, artists, and activists to engage with the many sites and problematics of feminist studies—understood broadly and across disciplines, genres, methods, politics, times, and contexts. The blog will extend the mandate of the Feral Feminisms journal with the goal of providing ongoing feminist coverage of current events, cultural content, and issues of feminist concern, broadly understood. A transnational, anti-racist, and decolonial approach to issues of feminist concern will be encouraged.

If you are interested in this position, please send an application to feralfeminisms [at] gmail [dot] com, with the subject-heading “Blog Editor,” by February 20, 2017. In your application, describe your relevant experience and your interest in the position and the journal. Please include with this cover letter or statement a CV, as well as a link to your blog or a one-page sample of writing. Please note that we also welcome applications from 2 or more people who are willing to act as Co-Editors.

Please direct any questions to feralfeminisms [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thank you for your interest, Feral Feminisms



Provides guidance and other forms of support for Feral Feminisms’ masthead as needed.

Jonathan A. Allan Anna M. 
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Founding Editors: In recognition of their role in establishing Feral Feminisms, Ela Przybylo, Sara Rodrigues and Danielle Cooper retain the title of Founding Editors in perpetuity. Managing Editor(s) must consult and seek approval from the Founding Editors regarding any potential changes to Feral Feminisms including: journal name, aims & scope, organizational structure and format.

Advisory Editors: Along with the Managing Editors, oversee the editorial process. Provide support and advising at all levels of the journal’s operations and maintenance. ELA PRZYBYLO + SARA RODRIGUES

Managing Editors: Oversee the entire editorial process including: approving special issue proposals, recruiting guest editors, curating issues in the absence of guest editors and coordinating and maintaining author publication agreement records. Managing Editor(s) also provide support for guest editors by communicating with peer reviewers and the Lead Copy Editor and facilitating publication to the Feral Feminisms website. AMY VERHAEGHE + SANDY DA COSTA + SHARIFA PATEL (past Managing Editors: Ela Przybylo, Sara Rodrigues, Danielle Cooper)

Guest Editor(s): Develop and implement special issues including: creating and disseminating the call for submissions, managing the submission review process and writing the issue’s editorial.

Lead Copy Editor: Coordinates the copy editing process including: communicating with the Managing Editor(s), assigning copy editors to projects and providing the final copy edit prior to publication. ALLISON PAGE (past Lead Copy Editor: Sara Rodrigues, Shama Rangwala)

Copy Editors: Edit articles and other submissions for clarity, grammar, formatting and referencing (without making significant alteration to the submissions’ content or meaning), producing a clean copy of the submission to the Lead Copy Editor. AYANTIKA MUKHERJEE  +  LEANNE PAGE  + ANNIKA ROSANOWSKI  + MATT SCHNEIDER  + KEIGHLAGH DONOVAN  + SARAH DAVIDSON (past Copy Editors: Samantha Balzer, Trevor Chow-Fraser, Esther Edell, Jennifer Gartner, Melissa Harendorf, Sarah-Nelle Jackson, Ariel Leutheusser, Rachel Lyon, Marva Milo, Pamela Nicholson, Kristi Abramoff, Ariel Kroon, David Janzen, and Hans Rollmann)

Peer Reviewers: Conduct a review of the submission and make a recommendation for or against publication in accordance with Feral Feminisms’ Guidelines for Peer Review. Two to three reviewers in a double-anonymous process review each submission. The Guest Editor(s) select reviewers with support from the Managing Editor(s).


Communications Director and Social Media Coordinator: Develops and maintains Feral Feminisms’ presence on social media outlets and pursues other appropriate avenues of communication online (i.e. listservs and email digests) towards promoting the journal’s activities including announcing new issues and other opportunities. The Online Media Coordinator offers support to the Guest Editor(s) as needed. VERONIKA NOVOSELOVA  (past Directors and Coordinators: Danielle Cooper)

Archives Editor: Coordinates the cataloguing and indexing of Feral Feminisms into archives, databases, and feminist libraries. MARVA MILO

Creative Director: Coordinates the journal’s image, including journal design and layout. ELA PRZYBYLO

Graphic Designer: Creates and maintains print and web journal aesthetic and visual identity. ELA PRZYBYLO (past Graphic Designer: Landon Whittaker)

Research and Development Coordinator: Oversees funding and other development opportunities. AMY VERHAEGHE

Thank you to those previously involved with the journal in other roles: Michael Holly (as Web Manager), Jenna Danchuk  (as Creative Liaison)

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